Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How do I light Prologues?

Answer: Start with a little bit of dry kindling. We recommend Fatwood kindling.  Place a couple of the logs on top of the kindling, side by side with a few inches between them, and then one log crossed on top.  Light kindling.  Once Prologues are going, they will burn with a nice flame and eventually smolder just like coal providing hours of warm, radiant heat.


Question: Can I use Prologues in my woodstove, wood furnace or coal furnace?

Answer: Yes. Prologues are extremely efficient in woodstoves, wood or coal burning furnaces! They are cleaner and easier to handle than cord wood, with no splinter issues, and bundled for ease in moving. Best of all Prologues radiate much more heat than wood and leave only a small amount of fine ash!


Question: Can I burn Prologues along with wood in my woodstove or wood burning furnace?

Answer: Yes, Prologues can be co-burned with wood.


Question: Do Prologues expand like some logs when burned?

Answer: No.  Because we use a patented system of compression Prologues retain thier shape.


Question: Do Prologues have to be kept dry?

Answer: Yes. Part of what makes Prologues so clean burning is their incredibly low moisture content. Because of this, it is necessary to protect them from getting wet.


Question: Are Prologues safe to use on my charcoal grill?

Answer: Yes.  Prologues are 100% Hickory wood so they are perfect to grill over! They can even be co-burned with charcoal if you like.


Question: Is Prologue a starter log

Answer: No Prologue is not a starter log.  There are no accelerants added to the logs.  They are 100% Hickory wood. 



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