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Carbon Neutral - the carbon released from the product when burned is equivalent to the carbon absorbed during the growth of the wood and leaves.



Clean to Handle - completely clean to handle, leaves no residue on hands or cloths. Also bug and fungus free.  Because of the extreme heat and pressure the wood undergoes in the compression process all fungus, molds and bugs are eliminated from the logs.



Renewable - Prologue products are made from naturally renewable resources.





No spitting, no sparkling, and virtually smoke-free.


An inefficient burn results in creosote buildup and needs to be addressed when burning wood.  Unburned gases condensing on the flue of the chimney is what creates creosot.  Prologues have dramtically less moisture, a hotter burn, and less volatile gases released during the burn than wood, in turn this makes it one of the cleanest types of heat and energy available today.



Leaves virtually no unburnt material and a minimum amount of fine ash which can be used as a natural fertilizer.

Higher levels of heat than wood or coal with dramatically less green house gas emmisions.  With a moisture content of about 4% to seasoned wood's about 18-20%, coupled with a two to one heat and energy output, pound for pound, the green house gases are a savings of approximately 32%.  Compared to coal there are reports that state green house gases are up to 91% less!  Breathe easier knowing Prologues are the obvious better choice.

                             Much more economical to use that seasoned wood or coal.  When factoring in heat output, green house gases and vast environmental and human costs....Prologues will go a long way to making a positive impact starting right here in the incredible state of Tennessee!

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