Prologues are manufactured fire logs that are so efficient they radiate more heat than coal or regular wood. Perfect for wood stoves, fireplaces, grills, outdoor firepits and chimeneas.  Prologues are composed  of 100 percent Hickory shavings - a by product of industry - woody bio-mass material that normally heads to landfills where during their breakdown, they produce methane gases that are released into our atmosphere. Much of this material also ends up in our waterways creating a host of problems there as well. In Prologues, they are recycled into pure green energy that is a carbon neutral product.   Another advantage of Prologues over other manufactured logs nothing is added to bind, only heat and pressure create Prologues, no oils or waxes, just the pure natural resins in the wood and leaves themselves are the binding agents.  Also, because Prologues are processed using a patented system, they are extruded logs that do not expand during burning like some other logs; they hold their shape and burn more completely and cleanly, leaving only a very small amount of small fine ash deposit.

Using Prologues aids in the reduction of the use of fossil fuels, the reduction in destruction of natural hardwood forests, and is a completely naturally renewable resource that does not risk human or wildlife. Bonus….job creation right here at home!


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